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Montclair NJ Mardi Gras Catering

Mardi Gras was originally a celebration to mark the end of the harvest season. With the main event known as Fat Tuesday, it doesn’t take an expert to guess that this was all about food, and the fun which people have today has come as an afterthought. This great event only rolls around once a year, and it’s well worth giving yourself an authentic taste, embracing the food and drinks which come with Mardi Gras.

Here at Ruthie’s BBQ, we have everything you could possibly need to cater your Mardi Gras party. With food that will satisfy just about any guest, a huge range to choose from, and the option to get custom desserts made, there are few restaurants capable of providing the Ruthie’s BBQ experience. But what exactly can we offer your party?

Mardi Gras Catering NJ

Having the right food for an event like Mardi Gras is incredibly important, with your whole night hinging on the meal you have at the very start. Thankfully, we’ve got a strong reputation for creating delicious BBQ classics and our own unique dishes, and have more than enough on offer for most groups to be satisfied.

The Meat

No BBQ is complete without the right meat to go with it. Here at Ruthie’s, we have a huge range of meat on offer, and you can buy it by the pound for your party. Beef brisket, pulled pork and chicken, pork ribs, whole chickens, smoked wings, and smoked salmon pastrami can all be found on our menu. We’ve worked hard to create menu which will appeal to everyone, and are proud of the variety we’re able to offer.


Any good BBQ won’t stop with meat, and your guests will be happy to know that we’ve got you covered with sides, too. Baked beans with burnt ends, mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, and a lot more can be found on our sides menu, giving you an affordable way to complete your Mardi Gras catering NJ experience.

BBQ Packs

Alongside our regular BBQ meat and sides, we also offer a range of different packs. These make your BBQ more affordable, while also simplifying the whole process. With options inspired by Texas, Memphis, and Carolina, we’ve covered all of the BBQ bases and we’re sure this will satisfy even the biggest of grill snobs.


No matter what they say, everyone has a sweet tooth, and nothing washes a BBQ down quite as well as cookies, brownies, pie, and ice cream. Ruthie’s BBQ can even create unique desserts just for you, giving you the chance to tailor your food to the event your hosting. We just need a little bit of warning if this is the service you’d like.

Mardi Gras is a special time of year for a lot of people, and the celebrations which come with it can be some of the most memorable you’ll ever experience. You can make this even better with the food you eat, though.

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Get Your Party Catered By Ruthies~

To all our community, dedicated staff, and all the great musicians, we thank you for making Ruthie’s one of the best professional experiences of our lives. For over 16 years, this corner has been our business and our home. Yes, we are closing Ruthie’s in Montclair, but our journey as creators continues.

Our vision goes beyond simply feeding you; we aim to restore a healthy local grain economy in NW N.J. that nourishes people and the earth. And we will invite you, when we are ready, to see us at Marksboro Mills, as there is no way we will stop supporting live music! We plan on having events with the roots music we love and locally sourced food. So please stay tuned. We will be updating you on our social media accounts and website. We are not letting you go, as you are Ruthie’s family.


Ruthie and Eric


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