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superbowl catering by Ruthies BBQ Montlciar NJ

If you’re looking for football sports catering, then you’re in luck. Here at Ruthie’s, we have a range of delicious food, perfect for chowing down while you’re watching the big game. Whether you want pulled pork, delicious BBQ sides, Texas beef brisket, or a mountain of sides, we’ve got it. But our biggest item in terms of popularity has got to be our Chicken Wings; smoked and fried, these are a must-have!


Superbowl Catering, Montclair NJ


Do you need Superbowl catering? If you do, Ruthie’s can help. We offer a wide selection of delicious food, perfect for the biggest event on the sporting calendar. It doesn’t matter how large or small your party or whether you’re a business or a bunch of friends, we are your go-to catering provider. With our family-feel, home-cooked recipes and attention to detail, you’ll love absolutely everything about our menu.


At Ruthie’s, we believe in simple food, done right. That’s why all of the items on our menu are made fresh in-house. With us, love a classic american menu built on the southern classics, in another word, America’s comfort food. Slow smoked BBQ with all the fixins, everything made in house from only the freshest ingredients. We even grow our own wheat that we use for our flatbread pizzas at our farm in western NJ.


Sports Catering In Montclair NJ


Our sports catering, NJ, is the perfect solution for practically any sporting venue. We provide you with an extensive, enjoyable, and exciting menu that is scalable and sensitive to the tastes of your clients. Over the years, we’ve honed our skills and now provide specialist catering services to a wide variety of venues, including horse racing, football, tennis, basketball, golf, and more.


The advantages of sports catering in NJ are substantial. Guests at sporting venues want their hosts to provide them with a wide array of delicious food that they can enjoy while spectating. Locations with great caterers increase fan loyalty and encourage their patrons to return in the future.


Finding quality football and sports catering, however, can be a challenge. A lot of firms in the industry provide a generic service that doesn’t offer your guests a memorable experience.


NJ Catering For Football Parties And Sports Made Easy


Football catering in NJ shouldn’t be difficult. You should be able to call your local provider, tell them what you want, and then get them to bring the experience to you. Here at Ruthie’s, that’s precisely what you get. We make ordering your food easy, allowing you to adjust it to your needs.


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You can order any item from our Bar-B-Q menu by the pound, whether it’s chicken wings (smoked or fried), baby rack ribs, pork ribs, pulled chicken, pulled pork or chopped beef brisket. We also supply sides by the quart, including red cabbage slaw, baked beans with burnt ends, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, four-cheese mac n cheese, collard greens with smoked pork and garlic, potatoes salad with rosemary and red onion and
Would you like to make ordering even more simple? Then just select one of our BBQ packs. Our Texas BBQ comes with three pounds of delicious, tender beef brisket, three quarts of sides, and ten rolls for your party or guests to enjoy.


Hankering for something a little different? Then why not try our Memphis BBQ deal for ten people. It comes with thirty ribs, three quarts of sides, and ten rolls – one for each of your guests. Or you could check out our impressive Carolina Bar-B-Q for ten, giving you three pounds of delicious pulled pork or chicken, three quarts of sides, and rolls for everyone.


Football party catering, NJ, however, wouldn’t be complete without desserts. Our desserts trays are the ideal solution when you have a large number of people you need to feed. Each tray segments desserts, breaking them down into individual portions that make it simple to allocate.


Ruthie’s dessert menu features delicious items, including extra-large chocolate chip cookies, triple chocolate fudge brownies, and sweet potato pecan pie with chantilly cream.

Custom Food, Made To Order


At Ruthie’s, we’re on a mission to improve football and sports catering. For too long, fans have had to put up with substandard food while watching their favorite team. We’re now putting that trend to an end.


All of our cakes and pies are made to order by Ruthie. You’re not getting something that has been heated up in a box, but a delicious menu made fresh.


Football Season, Playoffs, and The Big Game


Its football playoff season and that means one thing – its BBQ time. When your friends come over to enjoy the Big Game, why not supply them with our famous wings! We offer them fried or smoked, or order from our extensive BBQ catering packages where you’ll find dry rub ribs, st louis style and Baby back. Lots of fixins to choose, everything made fresh in house, nothing processed here.

Get in touch with us today – let us bring the Ruthie experience and cater your NJ Football Party.

Get Your Party Catered By Ruthies~

To all our community, dedicated staff, and all the great musicians, we thank you for making Ruthie’s one of the best professional experiences of our lives. For over 16 years, this corner has been our business and our home. Yes, we are closing Ruthie’s in Montclair, but our journey as creators continues.

Our vision goes beyond simply feeding you; we aim to restore a healthy local grain economy in NW N.J. that nourishes people and the earth. And we will invite you, when we are ready, to see us at Marksboro Mills, as there is no way we will stop supporting live music! We plan on having events with the roots music we love and locally sourced food. So please stay tuned. We will be updating you on our social media accounts and website. We are not letting you go, as you are Ruthie’s family.


Ruthie and Eric


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