Enjoy Outdoor Dining in Montclair NJ – on Ruthie’s Patio!

Many of us have spent the last three to four months cooped up in our homes in order to follow shelter in place and social distancing guidelines. It’s not all too surprising that many of us are beginning to feel like heading out, catching up with friends and family and having a good time. While many of the things you might have done previously may still be out of bounds or off limits, you can meet up for food and drink in a controlled and safe setting. Here at Ruthie’s Bar-B-Queue & Pizza, we’re back open for business, and boy, have we missed you!At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, we closed our doors for dining in our restaurant, but have been serving our regulars with their favorite meals and introducing customers to some of our favorite dishes through our take out and delivery service.

Now that things are improving, we’ve opened up our garden and patio for you to give us a visit and have a face to face meal with your nearest and dearest! There really is no equal to bonding over good food and drink, we know that. So, we’ve taken the most secure measures to make sure you can do this while feeling safe and secure. Not only do we own the restaurant, but it’s our home. This means that we take health and hygiene standards extremely seriously and will be taking the strictest measures when it comes to the prevention of the spread of germs.

We’re a small team and we’re dedicated to making sure you have a safe time without compromising your health. Our tables are all spaced apart from one another and we’ll only be allowing a limited number of people into the premises at any given time to avoid issues with overcrowding.We offer simple but delicious food and we know our ingredients from crop to harvest to plate, so we know that when you eat with us, you’ll get the best quality meal you could ask for. Everything is cooked to perfection and we have a wide variety of options to meet all tastes and dietary requirements or preferences.

While our live music may be off the cards for now, you will have a soundtrack of our usual blues, bluegrass, funk and R&B to accompany your dining experience! It’s enough to provide the perfect soundtrack to your night, without overpowering the much awaiting conversation you’ll inevitably find yourself having with those you choose to dine with.We’re open from 11:30am to 9:30pm, Wednesday to Saturday.

If you’re planning on visiting, come on down and we’ll be able to book you a table. We’re only accepting limited numbers of people to ensure that there’s enough space between tables to keep everyone safe. Remember, if you’d still prefer to eat Ruthie’s at home, our take out and delivery service is still available. All dishes are carefully prepared to a high standard and can be dropped to you outside our Montclair eatery, or dropped straight to your door!


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To all our community, dedicated staff, and all the great musicians, we thank you for making Ruthie’s one of the best professional experiences of our lives. For over 16 years, this corner has been our business and our home. Yes, we are closing Ruthie’s in Montclair, but our journey as creators continues.

Our vision goes beyond simply feeding you; we aim to restore a healthy local grain economy in NW N.J. that nourishes people and the earth. And we will invite you, when we are ready, to see us at Marksboro Mills, as there is no way we will stop supporting live music! We plan on having events with the roots music we love and locally sourced food. So please stay tuned. We will be updating you on our social media accounts and website. We are not letting you go, as you are Ruthie’s family.


Ruthie and Eric


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