A Super Bowl party is an annual feast for many sports fans.

Whether you’re a die-hard football fanatic or a casual bystander, everyone enjoys the monster food spread that many Super Bowl parties provide.

BBQ Favorites

You can’t have people over to watch the Super Bowl without providing a mess of the best barbecue. We slow smoke all of our BBQ in house, it is dry rubbed with our secret blend of seasonings, and served with our signature Bar-B-Q sauce. From Ribs and 1/2 Chickens, to Chopped Brisket to Pulled Pork, this BBQ is sure to please any crowd. And don’t forget to order it with our famous red cabbage slaw, its the perfect compliment to our Bar-B-Q

You can serve them as a snack or as the main event. And if you really want to treat your guests to a true down-home  BBQ feast, check out Fixin’s here!

Wings: A Super Bowl Party Classic

When in doubt, just order a big ol’ platter of wings. And we got them Buffalo style or Smoked! Buffalo are fried, tossed in hot sauce and served with Blue Cheese dressing on the side. Our signature Smoked Wings are are brined, slow smoked, and served with our Chipotle marinara sauce on the side. Mix them up if you can’t decide!

Wings are an affordable catering solution regardless of how large your party is going to be.

No matter what kind of get-together you’re having, you can trust Ruthie’s to provide your guests with fun, quality food that will keep them happy and satisfied.

For more information on our catering packages and specials, please contact us!

Pizza Party

As the ultimate party meal, it’s hard to go wrong with pizza. It’s a great accompaniment to watching your team win the big game, and it’s endlessly customizable.

We offer a delicious range of thin curst pizza’s, from the classic Margherita – to our Texas Pie – complete with our house made smoked sausage and jalepano. Check out our menu for our tasty range of pizza’s and toppings. Since we do pizza and BBQ here at Ruthies you can also have burnt ends on your pies!

Another benefit of ordering pizza for your guests is that there is very little serving preparation required. Just set the boxes out on your table and let the smell of our house made marinara and fresh mozzarella make their mouths water!


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